Standard Agreement
  Standard Rates
Additional Comments

Japanese-English Translation, English-Japanese Translation

Non-Legal, Per Translated Document:
$.15 per Translated English Word, or $50.00 per hour, whichever is higher.
$.17 per Translated Japanese Character, or $50.00 per hour, whichever is higher.

Live Interpreting (Simultaneous or consecutive, including telephonic interpreting)
$75.00 per hour non-legal, non-technical, $120.00 per hour legal depositions, $150.00 hour legal or technical, $150.00 per hour legal or technical simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, $160.00 per hour court appearances, including arbitration hearings. (Five hour minimum per day or assignment)
- $500.00 per diem per day plus travel expenses outside Las Vegas, Nevada. (Two-day minimum) Local travel expenses, travel time and other costs billed at cost.

$500.00 per diem per day plus travel expenses outside Las Vegas, Nevada.
- $100.00 per hour written translation, legal documents, audio translation/transcription
- Depositions, $120.00 per hour; arbitration, $150 per hour; court appearances, $160.00 per hour).
- Applicable reference materials supplied in advance, in confidence.
- Advance retainer/deposit.
- Standard Agreement filled in and signed.

Translation Certification, Validation or Editing: $120.00 per page (or hour whichever is higher) legal/technical; $100.00 per page non-legal, non-technical, including corrections and recommendations.

Film and Multimedia projects - Such as audio dubbing of conversions from Japanese or English DVD, script conversions, location hunt, media-experienced crews etc., quoted separately.

Consulting, special services available: Glossary development, Internet Marketing/PR/Search Engine Optimization and PR, Executive Protection, Presentation Support, Film Production and trade show conference/workshop support for multilingual interpretation facilities.

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