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I have spent most of my life in and out of Japan, involved in various companies and endeavors involving the Japanese, particularly in legal translations, interpreting, and depositions.


Ex. Fujitsu landmark case


Hakuhodo Advertising

worked directly with all departments of client companies such as

  • NEC
  • SONY
  • Fujitsu
  • Hitachi
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nikkiso (Pump Manufacturer)

to develop advertising and promotional materials for the English-language market and professional firms such as

Touche-Ross Tokyo

Often client companies would ask me to interpret in a variety of negotiations with suppliers to discuss various business arrangements and agreements with or without legal counsel present.

I have an extensive technical and legal vocabulary developed through many years of study and involvement in a variety of challenging, often complex situations requiring tact and diplomacy.

My major focus has been in the area of patents, patent infringement, product failure, intellectual property (computer software) and insurance claims.

For example, electro-mechanical such as aircraft turbines, industrial numerical control machinery and robots, and motors for medical use such as kidney dialysis machines.

In my full-time employment assignments, notably Fujitsu Systems of America 1990 - 1993,

My work assignments included:

1. Written and verbal communications to and from Japanese for the CEO - a non-English speaker, on all aspects of the operation of a major computer corporation:

Sessions included topics and representation from all departments including subcontracted manufacturing to companies such as Western Digital and:

  • Licensing
  • Accounting
  • Sales, Sales Forecasting
  • Marketing
  • Quality Control
  • VAR (Value Added Resellers)
  • Human Resources
  • Engineering
  • Local Japanese Engineering Staff

Additionally the CEO instituted weekly luncheon meetings where he interfaced with non-management employees to determine problem areas.

The results were then discussed with middle through upper management and periodically followed up.

2. Preparation and rehearsals of CEO for depositions with opposing counsel, including preparation of reference documents in Japanese for the CEO to review.

3. Participation in Japanese to English and English to Japanese legal deposition sessions.

Use of Japanese in Daily Life in the US

I utilize the Japanese language often as I have many friends in the Las Vegas Japanese-oriented services and travel agencies, and at the major casinos who ask me to interpret from time to time either in person or by phone.

I meet with Japanese friends periodically, many of whom do not speak English well, and in all of these meetings speak solely in Japanese.

I interpret during at least 3 major Las Vegas conferences, including CES, COMDEX, and NAB each year.

Other major interpreting assignments have included:

  • Ford Motor Company
  • Mazda
  • Kaiser-Permanente (Corona, CA computer facility - Japanese Tour)
  • Fuji Bank
    and others

Major fields of expertise:

  • General Business
  • Agreements
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Broadcasting technologies, Internet
  • Computer Security
  • Industrial Security and Surveillance Technology

Additionally, unlike many interpreters and translators I have known, both native speakers of Japanese and English, I have the ability to translate all nuances and inferences including humor and sarcasm. This capability was developed over many years of diligent study of Japanese history and culture, and in extensive interpersonal situations.

Held Top Secret clearance in US Navy.


  • $500 per diem per day plus travel expenses outside Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • $100 per hour general Japanese Interpreting, written translation (depositions, $120; arbitration, $150; court appearances $160 per hour).
  • Applicable reference materials supplied in advance, in confidence.
  • Advance retainer/deposit.
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