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Additional Comments

Experienced with workplace litigation issues and depositions. Currently studying for law degree online.

Skills and experience dictate professional suitability to areas of intellectual and digital property rights management issues, particularly with companies licensing technology to Japanese companies, or Japanese companies wishing to protect themselves against such litigation and/or protect their own intellectual property rights.

Additionally experience with employees vs. large company litigation experience provides additional valuable insight: Ex. Ensign vs. Fujitsu.

Career capabilities currently being applied in the following areas:

Japanese-English court interpreting

Workplace and human resources issues, digital and intellectual property, family, domestic and criminal.

Publication of Labor Litigation Newsletter

Publication of Court Interpreter News Newsletter

Public Relations for clients awarded judgements against large companies.

I consider myself the inventor of public relations for litigation winners. A treatise on the subject may be sent upon request by email.

Ex. David Smallwood vs. Titanium Metals Corporation (TIMET)


I am seeking a part-time to possibly full-time or contract position.

Although highly analytical, I am very people-oriented, and experienced in many areas which may have potential beneficial overlap in today's marketplace. I believe today's competitive marketplace requires a combination of approaches, in both on and off-line marketing, and a high degree of customer service-orientation.

The International / Ethnic marketplace is one that continues to be ignored in the US, although we have growing ethnic markets in every city and state in the US. It is not just itinerant laborers anymore, but very highly-educated, affluent individuals who just happen to be from a different country. You'd never tell just by looking at them, although one might occasionally catch a hint of an accent when they speak.

I am a self-motivated, hard-working self-starter, technically accomplished, highly creative in the problem resolution area as well as the arena of cost-reduction and revenue production.

Although willing to relocate, I am seeking a position in the greater Las Vegas area where my multi-faceted background and experience particularly in the Internet/Technology sector in Las Vegas for the past decade, might be of value.

I believe this would be with a firm desirous of improving their online marketing performance, given my experience and in view the following facts:

Internet Use Expanding

- 242 million users worldwide (CommerceNet)

- 72 million home users; 46 million at work

- 62% of new vehicle buyers surveyed in 2001 turned to the Internet for assistance with their purchases -

My skills and experience span a broad range, virtually all universally applicable to developing and expanding a brick-and-mortar business with an online presence, domestically and internationally.

Your consideration is appreciated.